MySQL Tables & References

First time using AppSheet, so sorry if this has already been covered somewhere

I’ve got 3 mySql tables, one called ‘Locations’, one called ‘Devices’ and one called ‘DeviceTypes’

The setup (Obvious) is each Location can have many Devices, and each Device is linked to 1 DeviceType

Everything is properly viewable, but I’m having trouble referencing more than 1 table. The ‘DeviceTypes’ reference keeps showing me the ‘Locations’ table whenever I click on the link.

I tried to manually enter the key via mySql into the ‘Devices’ table for the correct ‘DeviceType’, and it shows the ‘Locations’ + the key I manually entered at the bottom of the list…

I even tried creating Slices from the table(s) to be referenced with the same result (Assuming the column name has to match the referenced table/slice name)

Any thoughts?


Never mind

For any other noobs out there, you have to manually edit (click on the pencil) the row to select the referenced table! The in-line editor dosen’t display that data :frowning:

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