Mysterious 'Y' alphabet showing up on Multi-page app

Dear all

I am trying to create an app with conditional page breaks. On my first page, I see an alphabet ‘Y’ at the top of my age.

While this is amusing, I have no idea why this alphabet appeared, and the Page Break column is empty. Is this a bug?

FYI, I am using Google Sheet to create the app.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Hi, it sounds that you have chosen “Section header” instead of “Page header” with your Show column. Please check that one first.

Dear Aleksi

The Type Details -> Category is “Page Header”.

Both my conditional pages have the alphabet.

Hi, is it okay if I check your app? For doing that, I would need to know your account ID number, app name, view name where I can find this issue and you need to give the access to your app from My Account > Settings