NAN message in a field

Good, I have a field in a text type google form but my form shows me NAN (in that field I have numerical and text values), I can’t find why it happens.


“NaN” refers to “Not a Number”. This typically happens when a column type is defined as numeric but the value it is trying to display is something other than numeric.

If you have a mix of numbers and text, the column MUST be defined as Text or similar type.

What is the current column type definition?


Hi, the current column type in appsheet is text also like in google sheets.

Are there any “NaN” text values in the Google sheet itself?

I think we need to see your column definition and the column data to help more.

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both in appsheet and in google sheets the format is in text / text without format

Thanks, again

Does the corresponding column of the spreadsheet contain any formulas?


No, none of them. Thanks

I already found the problem, it was marked as a number in a column. Thank you very much for your time. Greetings

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