Native connection from Tableau to Appsheet (web data connector)

I m developping app which is collaboratively work with Tableau. User enter and update data on Appsheet, then tableau reads the backend data source at the same time, then visualise meaningful charts to give insight to end users.

It is working well so far, but one challenge is how to read the virtual columns from Tableau (currently OFC impossible). To sort this out, I m using various calculation fields and LOD expression on Tableau.

To make life easier, i wish to have a native connector to bridge between tableau and appsheet.

Now full set of API is ready on appsheet, so I hope we could get the native web data connector so that we are able to easily read appsheet data, including virtual column, from tableau.

You have my vote :slight_smile:

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May I ask,
What is the meaning of OFC and LOD.

Doing the same on my side, basically just recalculating all virtual columns from Appsheet in Tableau, but it’s by no means simple with the LOD (Level of Detail) calculations.

Would be cool to have an integration to simplify and also ensure the outputs are always consistent and up to date with App formula changes. Calculating in Tableau gives different results from Appsheet because calculations have to be done in different way.