Natural language on initial value for a Time type column

I have this formula in a Time type column as the initial value:

	CONTEXT("View")="My Time Entries_Form",

This is the explanation underneath

IF this condition is true: 
........"View")) is equal to ("My Time Entries_Form")
THEN use the value of: 
...."12/30/1899 12:00:00 AM"
ELSE use the value of: 

Surely it should be “12:00:00 AM” and not “12/30/1899 12:00:00 AM” for a time type column?


I agree, it shouldn’t show like that.

This is similar to time in a Date type column - it actually does have a time component of “00:00:000” or “12:00:000 am”. That’s why you can actually interchange/compare Date and DateTime columns.

I am not sure how AppSheet is managing it, but I do know from other languages they have a single construct used for Date, Time or DateTime data types. They simply “turn on” which part of the component is being used in the column type.

I suspect AppSheet is doing something similar, which means for a Time type, the Date component is defaulted to the MIN Date which looks like right now that is “12/30/1899”. This will not be a problem for Time columns as they ALL will have this MIN Date specified.

I do wonder what the behavior is if you tried to compare a Time with a DateTime or Date?