Navigate to Address Action

If there isn’t already a way to do this, I’d like to put in a request.

I currently have a few delivery apps going for different drivers with different routes for our water delivery company. When the driver wants to see the address in google maps they have to press on the customer, press on the pin, press on the car and then press on navigate within google maps.

I am quite sure there is API that allows the capability to press on a single button to navigate to any given address.

To be clear, I would like there to be an action that allows the user to press a single button that would open google maps to the address in the address column and begin to navigate all in one go.


That may be possible by using the “open URL” Action type, with a properly constructed google maps directions URL. Just go to google maps, type in a to and from address, and check out how the URL is built. Also maybe review this:


Thank you.
I’m trying to #launch_turn-by-turn_navigation.
I tried making a new action and addiing it to
CONCATENATE("#page=map&table=East%20Saanich%20Fernwood&mapcolumn=Address&row=#launch_turn-by-turn_navigation", ENCODEURL([_THISROW]))

Perhaps it’s not possible, or my syntax is incorrect?

Get Started  |  Maps URLs  |  Google Developers seems to imply I should add
but it’s not working