Navigating from view to view. On app, going ...

(tsuji koichi) #1

Navigating from view to view.

On app, going to see detail view where we have some several inline views on the bottom part of the view. Select either view or new from particular action from in-line view will prompt to other view within in-line view.

Afterwards, save after editing or go back to detail view by clicking left directed arrow on the top left.

Appsheet will show the top of the detail view rather than the exact part of detail view.

My detail view on mobile is quite long in length, user needs to scroll up and down to locate the things they wish to see.

Whenever the user click the inline view and see the data whatever they like to see and then back to details view, then user need to scroll down again to see subsequent session within the list of in-line view.

Is it possible the user will be brought back to the exact part of the detail view after viewing the inline view to eliminate the works on app, scrolling down all the time ?

(tsuji koichi) #2

Allow me to add one observation I noticed.

Click one line out of inline view (table view in this case) and move to details. See the contents of detail, then move back o inline view by clicking upper left icon (<–). We start with the view from the top of the view, as i posted here. However, click one item out of line view (table) and then immediately hit left directed arrow within a sec (less than 1 sec), then we move back to the exactly same line item out of the line view.

It seems the time spent on the details view after moving from line view item will change the app behaviour to to me.

If I spent more than 1 sec on the detail view of inline view item, then i will be brought back to top of the main page. If it is less than a sec (not precisely a sec though), then will be brought back to the point of the view, exactly on the inline view listed item.