Navigating to views without creating separate reference views

We are running a system for our construction business that has various aspects within it. One that I would like to discuss and ask help about (there are many other aspects based on the same mechanism; solving one would be solving all the other ones) is as follows:

We have suppliers whom we maintain a running account with. Their bills are entered by the people posted at sites and their payments are entered by the company.

We query in data from the data entry Google sheet and maintain a ledger always showing the current balance.

The only thing I want is the current balance.

Now is there any way to calculate the balance without the aid of a third (or more) sheet that uses query?

It’s because my app has become considerably slow on syncing times due to multiple sheets being connected together.

When you say “query in” do you mean that you are using “IMPORTRANGE()”?

At any rate, I would think that you could add a column to your G sheet and pull in the data you need from another part of your data set (the data you have already queried) with an appropriate Gsheet formula. But maybe someone else has a better idea.

Yes, importange with queries to show row and column specific data.

I see. I think you could follow the method I suggested. I don’t know, however, if dependence of queried data would cause syncs to be slower or not. I hope someone from AppSheet can respond.