Navigation Deeplink with "mapcolumn"

Does anyone have expierience with the “mapcolumn” link parameter?
It is mentioned here under “Manually Constructing Deep Links”.

Under UX > Views I have defined my map column [XY] for my “Map_View”.
I want to use the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() to open the map with a different map column: [XY_VC]

Something like:
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("Map_View", <<Filter_Condition>>) & "&mapcolumn=XY_VC"

I’m pretty sure that this was working until yesterday. But now, the mapcolumn parameter will be ignored.

I know I could solve this by creating another map view. But I thought I could avoid this.

@Grant_Stead @tsuji_koichi do you have any experience with the “mapcolumn” link parameter?
I’m in contact with AppSheet support, but it seems they still have not found the reason.

I would create a map view ux with that column as the xy, then simply LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW()

Hi @Grant_Stead yes you are right. But if the mapcolumn parameter would work, you could avoid an extra map view.

I’m not perfectly sure what you’re trying to achieve. Nested xy type views or something?

I want to do this without the need of a second map view.