Need Admin Approval


I have a few users who cannot sign in with Microsoft, comes with an error:
"Appsheet needs permission to access resources in your organisation that only an admin can grant. "

Myself and most other users can sign in without issues, except 4 so far. I checked with our O365 AD admin but hey don’t know why as all users have the same profiles.

Any ideas how to sort it?


Is it possible that these users are using alias email addresses?

Don’t think so, it’s name.surname@company.

Have you solved this issue already? Or do you still need help with this one?

HI Aleksi,

Not sorted yet. There is a chance the problem is caused by our organisation migrating O365 servers. Users who already gave Appsheet permission can still sign in, new users can’t. Will revisit once migration is complete (end of January…)

Thank you,

I still believe the reason is alias email. What you’ll see for example in the “Left upper menu” is what Office tells us what user’s email address is. So, we don’t actually know what address they’re trying to log in as, we just send them to a Microsoft login page. Microsoft handles the login and then calls us back with the user id and the email. I would guess that new user’s Office account alias email is updated in a different way.