Need advice - workflow or valid if

I have a form that is being completed by dept personnel for each employee. The form displays employee name and current disaster role. They have the ability to request a role change and then select the dept review status (approved no changes, revision requested, employee terminated)…

All records that are marked “revision requested” hit a report and sliced view that we use to review and make changes.

However, it seems some records had requested changes but the wrong dept status option was selected and we missed those changes.

The dept review status is a dropdown. Is there a way to set a valid if statement for this field? If the requested change field is not blank I don’t want them to be able to select anything but revision requested.

Or is this better handled through a workflow where I change the status if the field is not blank?

I’d rather have it done before the form is saved but would like some advice. Thanks

  ISNOTBLANK([requested change]),
  LIST("revision requested"),
  LIST("approved no changes", "revision requested", "employee terminated")
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Thank you Steve. If there is more than one field I want to check against how do you write that expression?

I did try adding

But it didn’t seem to like that.

Here is what I tried:

OR(ISNOTBLANK([Requested Change BEFORE Role]),
ISNOTBLANK([Requested Change BEFORE Shift]),
ISNOTBLANK([Requested Change DURING Role]),
ISNOTBLANK([Requested Change DURING Shift]),
ISNOTBLANK([Requested Change AFTER Role]),
ISNOTBLANK([Requested Change AFTER Shift]),
LIST(“Revision Requested”),
LIST(“Approved - no changes”, “Revision Requested”, “Employee Termination”)

Get this error message:

Condition OR(NOT(ISBLANK([Requested Change BEFORE Role])), NOT(ISBLANK([Requested Change BEFORE Shift])), NOT(ISBLANK([Requested Change DURING Role])), NOT(ISBLANK([Requested Change DURING Shift])), NOT(ISBLANK([Requested Change AFTER Role])), NOT(ISBLANK([Requested Change AFTER Shift])), LIST(“Revision Requested”), LIST(“Approved - no changes”,“Revision Requested”,“Employee Termination”)) has an invalid structure: subexpressions must be Yes/No conditions

You’re missing the parenthesis to close the OR() after the last ISNOTBLANK() before the first LIST().

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THANK YOU!!! I put an extra parenthesis everywhere but there! :slight_smile:

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