Need an action condition formula Hi, I am tr...

(D. Robert Charlon) #1

Need an action condition formula

Hi, I am trying to find a formula to make an action (button) available based on a value in another table/column. I thought this might work…

=SELECT(Acq. Chart[Status], AND([_THISROW].[Goal ID] = [Goal ID], [Status] = “Current”))

…but it doesn’t. I get an error message that says the result has to be true, yes/no, ect. I want the action to be available only for current rows that also have a related record in another table (Acq. Chart) with a [Target] with a value of “Current”. Is this possible?

Alternatively, is there a way to make a required column function in a form where the value is selected from a button list? When I set the input type to “dropdown” and there’s no value in the field it returns the appropriate error message, but when the input is “buttons” it doesn’t. It goes ahead and generates the new record without the required field filled in.

I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks

(Fernando López) #2

Try to add this : ANY(SELECT(Acq. Chart… and check the last condition, maybe you want to say [Target] =“Current” instead of [Status]

(D. Robert Charlon) #3

Hi Fernando, thanks for responding. So I modified the expression by adding the ANY condition and this is the error message it puts out: “The expression is valid but its result type ‘Enum’ is not one of the expected types: Yes/No”. Same when I change the last condition to [Target]. This is going in an Action in the “If this condition is true” expression field.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi +David Charlon,

As per my understanding your current expression is a Select expression,that will yield a [Status] value from the

“Acq Chart” table. Thie expression will not evaluate to a true of false.

My request will be to equate the SELECT expression with expected [Status] value. Say expected status value is “Passed”. Then the expression can be something like ANY(SELECT(…)= “Passed”

Hope this helps.