Need an expression to show two fields are complete

I need an expression which only shows records that have two fields answered. So, for example we have currently:

OR([Inspector 1 Email]=USEREMAIL(),[Inspector 2 Email]=USEREMAIL(),[Inspector 3 Email]=USEREMAIL(),[Inspector 4 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 5 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 6 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 7 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 8 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 9 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 10 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 11 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 12 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 13 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 14 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 15 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 16 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 17 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 18 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 19 Email]=USEREMAIL(), [Inspector 20 Email]=USEREMAIL())

But now we need any of these to be true but only show when the [Status]=Open.

Hope this makes sense and can be combined.

Recommend converting to:

    [Inspector 1 Email] ,
    [Inspector 2 Email] ,

Then wrap it with AND() for your second condition.


Thank you for your response, seems to be working perfectly.

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