Need Dashboard Map to snap to view of marker Pins that appear in Assistant Searched View/list

Howdy Appsheeters!
I have a Dashboard with Map & Assistant only. When I do a search in the top Assistant/Search Bar, I see exactly what I want in the Assistant list/Table in the Dashboard, but then the lazy Map just sits there, right where I was, it does not snap my Map view to the map Pins found by my Assistant search. If I manually grab the Map and move it to where I know the Pins are, I see everything that is in my Assistant List, properly Pinned/Mapped, thank you. But I do not wish to have to manually move the Map, is there a way to make it automatically snap my Map view to show only what is in this sorted Assistant List? TYVM!

@Stephen_Mattison Are you using an Interactive Dashboard?

Yes @Aleksi I am using Interactive Dashboard. Thx!