Need Expression to create a list of city based on the "State Name" Selected in above column

want to create a drop down list of cities based on the state name selection made in above column

Kindly help

Thank you Steve for your reference link. But what if i dont have any reference table to source the list options from.

Can i create a list of city names within the same table using any expression?

So you need a list of city names? You would need to provide that yourself; AppSheet doesn’t provide the data. Or maybe I don’t understand what you’re telling me?

like in enum expression we can create a list of values to choose from, in the same way can we create a drop down list values with expression which is dependent on another column values?

in the reference video you shared to understand dependent drop down, he was using a different table for reference to choose the values he wants to show in his current selection

Perhaps this?

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I have created a dependent drop down using a reference table successfuly. But for this i had to add a new reference table. Which is now showing in UX. I dont want to make it visible for users. How can i do that?

Can you clarify what you mean by “showing in the UX”? Screenshot?

reference Table visible

I dont want to make it visible to any one except admin

Delete the view in UX >> Views.

Done Thanks!

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