Need Form Column value in Confirmation Dialog

In my form, I am scanning the NFC tag(Employee Name) and I need to display that Employee Name along with Time value to the user in the popup before or after save doesn’t matter.

So I created an action and using confirmation, I want to display Employee Name along with Time such as “Thanks John, you logged in at 25/11/2019 08:57:50” but I am not even geting the name of the employee. I have tried Time_Tracking[Employee_Name] and [_THISROW].[Employee_Name] but it is not working. I am getting blank confirmation box.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

You can use a show type column at the end which will be displayed when he needs to tap Save.
Under content you use a TEXT formula.
I’m on my phone but I have changed on of my apps to test it. (I use tabs but you can see the behaviour)


Thanks, @AlexM for your prompt reply and descriptive answer.

Do I need to change the column type? Can I achieve the same result in Confirmation popup? I do not have such a header section in the application.

I do not understand why I am not getting form fields value in confirmation popup? I have printed TIMENOW() in the confirmation message and it is showing me time but I need string “Thanks John, you logged in at 25/11/2019 08:57:50” so Employees can see their name and log time.

I do not understand why Time_Tracking[Employee_Name] and [_THISROW].[Employee_Name] not working.

Any suggestion?

The confirmation box, as far as I know, does not support formulas.
It’s just plain text.

By using the Show type column I meant that

In your table, you should add a column which will never have records on it.

Let’s call it [Confirmation Show].
Regenerate the structure of your table.
Set this column type to Show.
Edit the column and you will get that setup window from above.

There, under the Type Details, on Content, you can use formulas.

Those tabs you saw are from the Form view of the table but for your app I would use Simple.

And you can use this (picture bellow) so when the badge is scanned, it moves automatically to the next tab, which in your case will be the Confirmation Show with the Save button.


Thanks @AlexM. This solution looks promising. :innocent: one last question, how you changed the header of first tab? In your example it’s “Shift”

The view is Shifts Form.
The tabs are Show columns in the Shifts table.
In my example, Shift, Times and the last one for your example are all columns having a text under Content.
First one has “Shift”, second one has “Times” and the third one has a formula (for your example).
Content supports formulas and plain text.

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Hi @AlexM : I am asking a specific text “Shift”. For me, it’s showing Page1. I want to change it to blank or “Scan”.


I hope it makes sense!!

Add another show column in your table.
This should be before the scanning column.
And set Content to what you want it to be called.

Show Column are Form Brakers if you want, that holds a header.
your form is now split in 2 by the show column where you have the date and time.
The problem is you don’t have a show column to hold you header to start with, so that one went by default to page 1.


Thanks a lot, @AlexM. You literally saved many hours of mine. Kudos to you!! :+1:

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