Need Help Creating Report Template

Hello! I need help creating a daily report template. I have a table in my app where a user enters data into a column, and then when the form is saved, a row with data from the entry is added to a different spreadsheet called “daily report (pst).” At the end of the day, users may have made multiple entries or edits the table, and they all are recorded in this. At 10:00 pm, I want there to be a report for each “list”. I want this report to contain a list of the different entries of just today. No yesterday or before yesterday entries. And I want each report to be specific to a particular list. As an example, I have this document of how I would want my November 30th report for Acme East to look. I also only want the report to go out if there was an entry made on a day for a particular store list. For example, if you look at my spreadsheet link, I would not want a November 29th report for Redner’s because no entries were made, but one would be sent on the 30th at 10:00 pm, containing the 2 entries listed on the Redner’s report.

How should I go about making this report? Thanks!

Hi @retailpartnercom
Try this for your template

Acme East Daily Report


<<Start: Select(Todays[Report ID], “Acme East”=[List],TRUE)>>

<<[Store Name]>> (<<[Store #]>>)


<<[Visit Details]>>

You need an End at the end , Its not showing in here. Also add your formatting

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This was also based on a slice for TODAY(). You may be able to add that to the SELECT expression but I didnt try it.

Hi @Lynn, thank you very much for your help! I changed a few things around based off of the template that you made for me. I have another question, although it might be an easier question.

This is the New Template. This is the Spreadsheet. This is the Email I got using the New Template and the Spreadsheet.

First of all, I do not know why the Email has such a big header. It starts on Page 3 when I copied and pasted, and I couldn’t get it to go to page 1. Do you know why that could be?

But this is my actual question: If you look at only the Gonnella Report part of the Email, it has the entry made by the [Company] “Bakers Group - BakEnjoy”. However, as part of my “Contains” function near the “Start:”, I had it to where it was only supposed to include the rows that had the word “Gonnella” inside of the [Company]. My goal was for the “Gonnella” reports and the “Bakers Group - Gonnella” reports to go in the Gonnella Report, but not the “Bakers Group - BakEnjoy” reports.

How should I solve that problem?

BTW, you have saved me so much time trying to figure these reports out, so thank you very much @Lynn!

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Hi @retailpartnercom To avoid the bakers Group-Bak Enjoy in the Acme east report
try this
“<<Start: Select(Today[Key],AND(CONTAINS([Company],“Gonnella”),“Acme East”=[List],TRUE))>>”

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How would I avoid it in the Gonnella Report? Thanks again!

I tried the same contains function, but it didn’t work for the Gonnella Report.

Just to clarify, the Acme East Daily Report has the goal of sending out in a list all of the Acme East store visits for the current day. The Gonnella Daily Report has the goal of sending out all of the Gonnella OR broker’s that do business with Gonnella’s store visits.
Edit: Sorry Forgot to tag you @Lynn!

Like if there was…
#1: Acme East | Gonnella
#2: Acme East | Baker’s Group - Gonnella
#3: Acme East | Baker’s Group - Bakenjoy
#4: Meijer | Gonnella

I would want the two emails to be…

Acme East Daily Report

Gonnella Daily Report

Just as a side note, I combined the two reports onto the same doc for now to make it easier to mess with them, and to compare them, but eventually, they will be separate docs. Thanks @Lynn!

@retailpartnercom Ah ok, I will have another go. I’m sure we can do it somehow .

Thank you so much for your time you are really helping me out a ton!

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HI @retailpartnercom heck this one out

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@Lynn that did the trick! Thanks!