Need help, deadline approaching! I'm trying ...

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Need help, deadline approaching!

I’m trying to build an app to be used like a file cabinet and sell sheet catalog for our sales team.

My plan is to link out using a URL type for all files, sell sheets, literature, etc.

However, sometimes our sales team will not have access to wifi or network services.

How do I get the linked URLs to be store locally when the sales rep doesn’t have internet access?

Thank you!

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In addition to my original question, if I go the route that is currently available and that is drilling down in a table view…how can I mask the file name URL?

This is what it looks like and I would like to clean it up where the entire URL is either not showing or is masked in something a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

Also, is there a way to set up a feature where my sales rep can email the file right from this view?

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This app I’ve built to reflect somewhat of a PDF catalog is working through - The no-code app maker for Google Sheets, Excel, and more. Create mobile iPhone and Android apps for your business. Start for free and build powerful apps. and the emulator.

However, when I demo it on my iPhone and iPad, I get a return of alpha-numeric characters that signify there is a glitch in the process.

This action is by selecting my file to view which is using a direct URL house in a MS SharePoint site.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

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Anyone else experiencing…or has experienced this glitch with linked files?

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Is there anyone that can help me out with this my questions or more importantly this error/bug I’m experiencing?

I have to present this on Monday and was hoping to get some feedback prior so the company ownership likes what they see.

Thank you!