Need help for a covid resource app in India. We are a bunch of students working on collating covid resources for the needy. Can anyone help us make in making an appsheet for the same!

Need help for a covid resource app in India. We are a bunch of students working on collating covid resources for the needy. Can anyone help us make in making an appsheet for the same!


Since you haven’t gotten a response yet, I wanted to respond to say how concerned I am about the situation in India and how I would like to help but I’m not sure if I have the right skills. I hope others will chime in. In the meantime, I wonder if you could write a little more about how your app would be used (used by the needy people on the web or by people providing medial assistance, etc.). My own experience using AppSheet is with a different sort of application but if I happen to know something that would be helpful to you I would like to try to help.


hey, thanks for replying! We have created a linktree and linked google sheets for the same.

but now we want to create a web app to scale it and automate it so that people can themselves add, report or upvote or downvote a resource. it would be a real big favour if anyone can help with the same. Currently, we are just working on collating resources for Delhi and nearby cities but we want to increase its reach by making it more interactive and automated.

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Thanks @Rasik_Narula ! I have never used AppSheet to make a web app. For that, someone else will need to help. I may be able to help with other aspects of the project, depending on what you need to do. Over the next 24 hours I will be busy with my own work. After than, however, I should have some time. I hope that by then people who know how to use AppSheet to make a web app can help.

By the way, I see that you have locations in your data. AppSheet should help you to plot those on a map. There too, however, I don’t have much experience doing that in my own apps.

okay, Thank you for your time!

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Hey @Rasik_Narula I would love to help, but unfortunately I’m swamped with projects at the moment.

I took a look at the sheets you’ve linked above, and you’ve got a good start for an AppSheet app; though you’ll need to make some modifications to your data source and how your storing that data to make it appropriate to play as an AppSheet data source.

For Instance:

In the image above, the spreadsheet contains several initial rows that serve as “header” information.

  • This sort of thing doesn’t play well with AppSheet apps.
    • While there are ways to make this work, in general it would be easier to simply remove these elements
      • They won’t be eliminated, just moved to another place in the system.

AppSheet tries to compensate for things like this, but sometimes it’s best to just not use them.
You can read more in this article.

Another Table Change

Another change you’ll need to make is remove the “sub-sections” inside some of your tables.

  • The rows indicated above don’t actually contain the “Name” of a facility, instead it’s the name of a province/town/city/etc.
    • This sort of data should be inside it’s own column, and each record should have it’s own data.

Formatting your spreadsheet like you have makes it functional as “spreadsheet software” - but when you move to utilizing an app, such conventions can’t be used and things need to be “formalized” a bit more along the lines of a relational database.

  • In order to accomplish this, if you’ll want to implement some way of “screening” entries first.
    • A slice will accomplish this, or a security filter if you wish to be more restrictive.
  • You’ll then need to implement some sort of “system” for approving things.

In regards to how to do this in the app:

  • Add a column “Approved” that isn’t shown or editable by the app, but you can use the value in that field in your security filter to determine whether or not something should be shown.

Implementing this sort of thing obviously means that you can't share the google sheets anymore, at least not in the raw sense, as there will be data in there that you presumably won't want users to see yet.

  • I would create a “Vote” table for each thing you want people to vote for.
    • Inside this table capture the CONTEXT("DeviceID")
      • This grabs a unique identifier that’s assigned to the device by AppSheet when they open the app.
      • Each person is only allowed one vote per thing
    • To cast your vote, utilize the “create a record in another table” action
      • Implement a condition when this action should be visible, so it’s only seen when a user hasn’t cast a vote for a specific thing yet.
  • Then you can create a COUNT([Related Whatevers]) virtual column on each of your tables to could the associated votes.

Reporting something (assumedly in the negative sense) would need a similar dedicated table, filtering, etc. to implement.

There’s obviously much more involved, but this can hopefully inspire yourself or others with what to do.


Thank you! Very good points, most important that these sheets are made for GUI browsing and not database. That’s some manual work that will need to be done. How were these sheets created? Are they generated? Maybe that software can export without Sheet metadata.

Couple question, are you aware of price of AppSheet per user; it’s very expensive relative India’s standard (don’t know if India as different price) and it’s a subscription model so super rich option. Can your “needy” users afford this?

I am very new to AppSheet but what magnitude of users are you expecting. Does AppSheet handle 100k users without breaking?

You are “a bunch of students working”, that’s very good and really impressive project that’ll make you all shine. Very glad you’re doing this work. But what kind of commitment can you afford to make to this app? If you want to forget about this project when you graduate in 6 months, probably not as a good thing then.

Wonder if there’s a way to opensource a project on AppSheet… with PRs would be amazing!

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Two points on this:

  1. There is a public option available, where you can have any number of users for any 1 app - apps made this way, however, cannot make use of the USEREMAIL() function.
  2. Apps marked for COVID relief are free - at least until June 2021 (as of April 28, 2021)
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Hello Rasik,

I would be glad to assist you with this.
I have gone through the sheets you shared and we can definitely use all that information to build a Webapp.
We will need to format the sheets a bit to get the necessary structure for appsheet but that is easily doable and we can work together on this.

Lets connect and get this thing started asap.

Thank you.


Hi @Rasik_Narula I am from bangalore and please let me know if you need any assistance. Reach me I will available in hangouts.


I would like to help. Reach me at