Need help Last year my app was working fine....

(Lina Osorio) #1

Need help

Last year my app was working fine.

In Jan i opened it and it would not sync.

I got these errors when i went into the editor.

-Something about my google table not being able to get access - edit lock - app template diff data is too large - my table has not grown since last year when it was working fine.

Can you take a look under the hood and see what happened? PSVisits-113404

(Lina Osorio) #2

Please disregard.

I figured it out.

There was a sheet in my workbook (that was not included in the app) but apparently slowed my app sync down so much it would not sync.

I moved the sheet to another workbook and it worked like a charm again.

Thank you APPSHEET for a wonderful platform that keeps getting better.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

Your performance analyzer tool (see the option “Can this run faster” under the app emulator) suggests that the app may run faster if you enable the bulk read option. Also, this may have bypassed some of the issues you ran into.