Need help setting up a data structure for vehicle inspections


I have been using appsheet for about a month now and can create some simple apps very easily, but it becomes really difficult for me once it gets more complicated. Ultimately I am trying to create a vehicle inspection app which different vehicles “1 Ton”, “Single Axel” and “Tandem Axel” types. Each of these has their own pre-trip and post trip inspections (picture below for clarity). Can someone advise me into how many tables I need and the reference I need to make? Right now I can only get it to show all types of pretrips regardless of truck type in each vehicles e.g. a “1 ton truck” has the option to add a “Single Axel Pretrip”.

Technically speaking you could get away with just two tables Vehicles and Inspections.

Vehicles would need a ‘Vehicle Type’ column and Inspections would need a column (Inspection Type?) for either pre-trip or post-trip and then should have a Reference column to the Vehicles table.

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thank you so much for taking time to respond.

How would this allow for different questions to be asked for pre-trip and post trip of different vehicle types?

Well, if you have another schematic what you had in mind that might help us better with assisting you. From the initial question there was no indication of different questions being asked depending on the type of vehicle. However, you would still be able to use just one table for the inspections using conditional branching of forms as described here

Given your use case this might be a good start.

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