Need Help (sum )

the formula it’s okay…

but why any error…

Is there something wrong ?

Thank You

It sounds that you have both app and sheet formula which gives you this error message. If the sheet formula is not needed, remove it… or the opposite.

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Hi Aleksi
thank you for your quick respon…

Yesss it solved…
there is formula on my google sheet ( index( blablabla )

thank you

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Hi Aleksi,

there is more problem,
i got problem with automaticaly “SUM” expression on table.

I have 2 table, table 1 = PCR, Table 2 = DATA KAS ( its detil transaksion for PCR )

in the table “DATA KAS”, i made a virtual column for sum with a criteria ( like sumif on excel).
and in the table “PCR”, i also made a formula reference to virtual column on table “DATA KAS”
But in table PCR, the formula not automatically,when table data kas updated,need more action for update on table pcr with edit and save…

any other formula for this issue ?

in the table PCR

thank you

You are probably using a normal column and then you need to open & save it (or with an action) before you are able to see the updated result. If you want to have dynamic calculation, you would need to use virtual column for that purpose.

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Thank’s for your respon,

Yeess… it’s true, previously, i’am using normal column for this formula, and than i tried use virtual column (VC) in table “PCR” ( see attachment ),and from that VC i made formula index to that VC amount, but still not updated automatically ( need edit and save ) when data kas table updated.

Virtual Column on table " pcr "

Normal column on table “pcr” - Column Total Pengajuan