Need help with a job site Covid-19 check in application

Hello all,
I’m a bit lost and overwhelmed, I need help to develop an application to help process job site employees on essential projects as they come to site each morning. The premise is that they will be prompted to answer a short series of questions each morning before arrival. As they enter the site a medic needs to be able to scan a corresponding QR code, verify that the employee has filled out the questionnaire with appropriate answers and then log their temperature.
Please let me know if anyone is willing to walk me through this, just lost in the weeds and have been hoping around from one application to the next.
Thank you all!

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Hi @Freyli! I’m not sure how much help I might be but I’d be happy to talk with you about this. I’m not sure if I have the skills you need – I haven’t worked with QR codes on AppSheet – but if no one more qualified is willing to help I can at least chat with you about how to proceed. I’ll write to you privately.

I suspect that you’ll get some other direct messages in response to this. If someone contacts you privately and your issue is resolved, please update this page.

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Hello Christian,
I am from construction background and develop numerous construction apps with Appsheet. Happy to help where I can. There are certainly better qualified ppl in this group than myself but I am willing to assist with what I know if that helps. It can be frustrating.
Can you pls explain how you need the QR code workflow to work?
Maybe dot point the steps you need to take so I can understand.
Happy to PM on so we don’t clog up the message board.


See below for a description.

Wanted to make it as a Progressive Web App for cross platform compatibility . Upon first load it should prompt you to log in, from there you’ll be asked for a Name, Email, Password and Employee ID for registration. Now I believe there is no authentication held within appsheet. I had started the journey in GoodBarber but that has it’s limitations as well.

Landing Page:


Above is the main landing page once you are registered and logged in. One issue is that there are different job sites with different site specific orientations and some people will be on multiple jobs. We have split up the employee ID numbers based on specific jobs.

Profile: This is a simple Profile page for the user, it will list their Employee ID for reference. From there they will be able to change their password and delete their account.

Check In: Is the main daily questionnaire, the user will be directed to This Form, need to make it job site specific, break users up.

Orientation: Needs to direct to a site specific video

GBCA: Hyperlink to GBCA’s COVID Reference Information

STA: Hyperlink to the Covid Safety Task Analysis for review and download

Request: This is a simple form asking for elevated permissions to gain access to the “Scanner” “Submit” and “Reports” modules as we want to limit these privileges.

Scanner: QR Code scanner reports the Employee ID Number, Verifies they have completed the questionnaire for the day and submits that they are good to go.

Submit: Form for confirming ‘Employee #A1234’ is registering a temperature above or below 100.4* F, can be combined with the scanner.

Reports: Dashboard for confirming who has completed their daily questionnaire and has had their temperature taken. Highest elevation privileges.

The app is currently “Live” at

Do the employees have an ID badge? If so is it used for access as well? If you set up a tablet in the main entrance, you can use NFC via tablet to sign in with the employee badge, fill a form and hit save.

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Hi @Freyli , did you get this App set up? I am looking something similar but simpler maybe.