Need Help With Displaying User Entered Data Totals by Date and User in Graph or Table

Hello, I manage an app for reading peoples water meters for a water utility company. The app shows each of the addresses and allows the user to input the read and swipe to the next one until finished. The problem I’m having is the meter readers need to know how many meters they have individually read that day. I can get the total meters read by using a Slice and a graph UX for it. The problem is that sometimes there are multiple readers and it may take a few days to read. I record the users email address and the date with each read so I have the data, but I can’t get it display for the reader to know. Can you help me come up with a graph or something that will display how many meters each person read and on what day. Thank you, you’re a life saver!

Hi @Ryan_Peterson!

Sounds like a useful app.

I would guess that a slice would be the correct solution for you but that you will need the right expression for that slice. Is that what you are looking for? If you need help with the expression, perhaps it would be a good idea to share more information about your table structure (columns, etc.). Good luck!

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You might try creating a histogram chart of your readings table?

You’ll want to create a slice, like Kirk mentioned, that isolates out the readings made by the person currently using the app - create your histogram view off that slice.

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