Need help with Formula

I need some assistance with the formula. I need this to auto update once the app is synced

The formula is =ArrayFormula(LOOKUP(2,1/($D$2:$D$500=D2),$I$2:$I$500))

Table = Call Report
Column D = Store
Column I = Current Month Actuals

Thank you and stay blessed

Hi Dessie. These formulas are in your spreadsheet right? They should be automatically updating as the spreadsheet is changed. Is this not happening?

HI Rich,

Yes they are


this doesn’t update for some reason. Any ideas why this would be?

So is the older value just showing? How long after the first sync does it take for the newly calculated value to show up? Are you using google sheets or excel?

I am using google sheets. when i sync the app, the row that has the formula shows up blank

Can you provide a screenshot of the blank row in the app?

hi Steve. Apologies its not the row,it just the cells where the formula is

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Ah. Assuming you’re referring to BB150, AppSheet only concerns itself with rows of the spreadsheet that have key column values. Spreadsheet rows that don’t have key column values–and all of their cells–are ignored by AppSheet.

These 3 columns does not even appear on the form.

How do i fix this Steve?

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apologies duplicate image

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Are they present in the table in the app?

If so, the Editable? attribute for each of the three columns is likely set to OFF because the columns contain a spreadsheet formula. A columns with a spreadsheet formula can never be (directly) modified by the app user.

These three columns don’t get values until after the now row is saved in the spreadsheet; the spreadsheet formula is only applied once the new row is saved. Before that first save, the columns of the new row have no value. A column with no value that is not modifiable by the user is automatically hidden in forms by AppSheet: why display a blank column the user can’t change?

I want that column to be calculated once information from another column is populated. the problem i have is that on this spreadsheet i have information that is recorded for a store 2 times in a month. I want to look up the last entry for a store and return that information in another sheet. I created a formula that does that in this sheet and then i vlookup this into another sheet. But now that the column remains blank after the record is captured i am now stuck