Need Help With Reference Table

Hello! I have 1 table with a list of many stores. For example, I have a list of 25 stores all with the same store chain name, and another list of 30 stores, all with another store chain name. Each store has a column for comments about visits to that store.

I would like to be able to have another table with extra columns, because throughout the proccess of using the app, the user might want to add another question to the survey for the first 25 stores only. I would like this question to show up on the form of the original table, but be a seperate table. There might be many questions added to the forms, or none, depending on which list of stores this is. Is this possible?

That’s not possible.

You can add the columns to the same table and provide Show_If rules for them to only show for certain store types.



As @Marc_Dillon rightly mentioned, the best approach for a seamless user experience is to add additional columns with suitable Show_if rules.

However just for academic purpose, if I may add, there exists a possibility of adding tables as child tables for additional questions to the main form table as parent table. If the children tables are set as “is part of”, the related forms will somewhat “appear” to be part of main form.

However on form save etc., the related forms will appear as child records, depriving a seamless user experience. You could use Show_if’s for the related ref_rows columns to show the additional questions forms based on store chain.So store chain 1 sees only addional question set 1 (based on child table 1), store chain 2 sees set 2 ( based on child table 2) and so on

Of course please evaluate the applicability in your case with all possible requirements such as user experience, security filter implications etc.