Need help with slices please

Table: Users

User_name User_email

Table: S_Req

Req_id First_user_name Entery_Date Offer_Status Last_user_name End_date
3d3464fe Oliver 12-4-2021 available
75920828 Yaom 15-4-2021 In negotiation Khalid 19-4-2021


First_user_name SELECT( Users[User_name],([User_email] = useremail() ))

Entery_Date Today()

Offer_Status ENUM

Last_user_name ifs([Offer_Status]=" In negotiation",SELECT(Users[User_name],([User_email] = useremail() )))

End_date Today()

I need to have condition in the (Slices Source Table (S_Req)) to show only if

  • [Offer_Status] = “In negotiation”
  • Email of [Last_user_name] = useremail() ??? I need it to chick the email from the table Users because I’m having name in the field [Last Username] not an Email

Can someone give a solution

The slice should have:
[Offer_Status] = “In negotiation”,
[Last_user_name] = useremail()
If you need an email adress to click on that is not in your table, you can create a Viritual Column and REF to the table where the email adress is.
Rememember to set it as type “Email”


Thanks for your response

But I don’t think your solution works coz
The Field [Last_user_name] has name not email

Thast way I’m trying to use the table: users

A bit hard to understand what you have and what you want, but you need a REF between your tables (I asume NAME is the column to REF) to connect the Email address to the table that doesn’t have this Email-column.

How about…

[Offer_Status] = “In negotiation”,
[Last_user_name] = LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),“Users”,“Email”,“Last_User_Name”)


Thanks Aleksi

I will test the code and hope it works

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Thanks Man

It’s working

you saved me

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