Need Help with User Settings

Hello! I work for a water utility company and have been developing an app on here for our Field Techs to more easily read our district resident’s water meters. So far it’s been working great, and gets the job done! I’m working on a new feature however that is proving to be quite difficult for me, I’m not even sure if it’s possible with the way I’m trying to do it. I began messing around with the User Settings feature in an effort to fix a problem we’ve been having. The idea is that we have some districts that have over 1000 or 2000 resident meters to read, so we always have to send out multiple techs to go read them all. We usually divide them up on the google sheet to see what starting point to give them each, but since they all see the same huge list of everyone, they usually get confused and go off course. So I’m trying to add a setting where the reader can select how many readers there are and it will automatically split up all the addresses according to how many readers they select that there are. But what is also a problem, is that they each have to be able to see their own different sections considering they will each be using the same app, so maybe there needs to be two options where they select how many readers and then what section they will read separately. Thanks for any help you can give!

Hey @Ryan_Peterson, sorry for no response here so far, seems like a great use-case to be working on.

To clarify, the main goal is for Field Techs to have an easier way of prioritizing which meter to visit next?

A couple things come to mind:

  • If you have latlong data for each meter (or for the center of each district) you might want to use that data along with the app users’ locations in order to filter or prioritize which unread meters still need to be visited. This could incorporate Virtual Columns that calculate distances and Views created from Slices filtering meters based on their distance. (You can see an example of a ‘Proximity’ virtual column being used in this sample app).
  • If you want app users to have the ability to manually select which district of meters they want to view, then User Settings is likely the best place to start. By enabling a dropdown of districts from which app users can select, the list of meters visible can be filtered down for them. This would also involve creating a Slice based on their selected USERSETTINGS().

Glad to elaborate, let me know if think this is close to what you need.

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