Need help with UX

i have a project which i need to add image in the dashboard and header color
i need to add a logo after to the menu button in the top
can you please help me with this issue ,is they any plan to enable for customize the Ux

Somekind of printscreen with the description would help… are you able to show that?

i need to give color to the header and log is compressed ,i need insert a image in to this view

Hi @Gunasuriya_Ravi,

I will try to answer as I can :blush:

To be able to add the logo at the header closed to Menu location, you need to set it up in UX>BRAND and upload the link of your logo there with “Show logo in header” = ON


I believed that there soon be an update for the UX coloring, however while waiting, I am using workaround steps that can be used as starting point, here is the link.

ps: this is my first try to response to a question that I can answer on this community, sorry if my knowledge is still limited.


I have no option to get color in my header screen only see different color for the text and values it changing

Currently, we still have to wait. Please let me know if you have difficulty when trying to get color as per my workaround. I saw your logo, my workaround is similar when we use AppMaker, its kind of like the Starter-App of AppMaker template.

I agree with your point,but it is possible now to give color to the header and footer

What I have done was taking from samples where I like the color header and footer. Delete all data, table, view, etc and add background color, and so on.

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What @Heru appears to be suggesting is to review the available sample apps looking for those with header and footer colors. Those app configurations are older, when color choices were still available. If you copy one of those apps, the copy will also have the color choices. Strip out the sample app’s functionality from the copy and build your own from there. This should give you the option of choosing your colors for your app. Yes, it’s cumbersome, but it’s the only option right now.

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Yessss… That’s exactly what I want to write. :wink:

Thanks @Steve

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