Need how to do calculation between two price type data from different tables

i have two tables, one is cost calculator and the other one is Parameter. i have the price in Dollar currency in the Cost calculator table and the Usd to euro transfere rate in the parameter table.
so i want to make the calculation between these two which is dividing dollar by the rate using expressions, to get the result in my cost calculator table in an other column.
so basicly my question is how to refer to a column in an other table and use it in a mathematical formula

There a lot of ways you can achieve this. Have you checked these?

I tried select and it said the expected result type should be Liste. meanwhile im using Price as date type. and to make calculation i need to use price type.

Hi @Savana_Groups! Yes, SELECT() produces a list.

I don’t understand why your “Price” is a date type column. I think it should be a number or a price column. In what follows, I’ll assume it’s a price column.

I don’t know the structure of your tables so it’s a little hard for me to advise you about how best to get the information from your Parameter table into your Cost calculator table. Let’s try to get you started by assuming that all of the transactions in your Cost calculator table in your “Price” column are in US dollars and the Parameter table has the following two columns: “Convert to” (a text column that indicates the name of the currency to convert US dollars to) and “Rate” (a number column with the conversion rate for that currency). “Euro” inside the “Convert to” column indicates that this row has the conversion rate for dollars to Euros.

Now, you should be able to make a virtual column in your Cost calculator table with the following expression to do the calculation:

[Price]*LOOKUP(“Euro”, “Parameter”, “Convert to”, “Rate”)

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