Need Opinion/Suggestion for Quotation System Design

Would like to develop a quotation system to allow multiple quote items. What is your recommendation on the database/system design.

Similar to the sample app - Quote Generator however this is only one quote item per quotation but we would like to have multiple quote item per quotation.

one of the idea is to have

  1. multiple columns field for each quote item but this we will be limited by number of quote item per quotation. (based on the max column field we created)

any other idea / suggestion do we have to cater for this requirement?

Hi @EugeneB
Did you have a look at the Quote and Proposal sample app, it may help.

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Yes, but the quote and proposal app is only quote one item. was looking how we could do it better for multiple item quote.

Here is a good help document for you to start…

Unfortunately the link to the ‘Order Capture Sample App’ seems to be broken. That sample app was very helpful me.

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Thanks @Brand-It the sample app no longer available.

do you know any sample app, has the similar scenario?

This one is also pretty similar…

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Thanks @Brand-It this is good example, where do you find this? can’t seem to find this from the sample app Copy & Customize Sample Business Apps

You’re welcome… :slight_smile:

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