Need overlay action shown for table view for "Grouped: execute a sequence of actions" action type

The only action types that seem to show up (overlay) for a table view are the two CSV actions and the “add a row to this table using a form” action type. These are the “not a row-level action” types. I get why you can’t have actions that are row specific showing up as an overlay button in a table view.

However this is too restrictive because I want to create a record (like the default Add action) but do a row-independent action beforehand and then route that result to the form. So I was trying to use “Grouped: execute a sequence of actions” but of course that isn’t showing up.

I think that these should be allowed in “non-row-level context”:
a) “Grouped: execute a sequence of actions”

  • all grouped actions must also be non-row-level context actions
    b) “Data: execute an action on a set of rows”
  • in non-row-level context mode the Referenced Rows formula has to not access any row information

For both of these I suggest that there be two flavors or a checkbox for denoting the row-context (on/off) when the Do This is selected.

Are there any tips/tricks to workaround this limitation?


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