Need some design input. The form below is to...

(Tammi Canelli) #1

Need some design input.

The form below is to be filled out for everyone living in the same house, so the address and emergency POC would be the same for all.

I’m struggling with how to structure the table (will probably be in smartsheet) because they want all the names to be on different rows with the address/emergency contact info just copied.

Initially I was thinking of having a ref table to be able to add additional people as needed but based on them wanting a single sheet I don’t see how that would work.

What’s the best way to setup the sheet and design the app?

Ideally I don’t want a bunch of empty fields on a form but the user does need the ability to add a person as needed.

Is the only way through an action to copy and edit row?

(Grant Stead) #2

My thought would be to have a main head of household. And then all of the family members would be dependants… So, I would have a column that REF to the same table Isapartof and then after adding the head of household. Then you can add the rest as children, but in the exact same table.

(Tammi Canelli) #3

you can do that???

I had no idea.

Thought it had to be separate tables.

Thank you!

btw - i walked out and forgot my laptop so I’m waiting to see if I can get a jailbreaked one :slight_smile:

(Grant Stead) #4

@Tammi_Canelli lol lol

(Grant Stead) #5

You know I was thinking about this before, and you could have one table for the residence, and another table for the occupants. And do it that way…