Need some help - I recently added a field to ...

(Daisy Ramirez) #1

Need some help - I recently added a field to one of the googlesheets table and update a blank field while in the table. I suspect my entry might have been a duplicate useremail. I’ve not been able to get any of the app actions to work since.

I’ve deleted the record in question but is there corruption somewhere I’ll have to reset?

Appreciate any help - thanks so much!

(Tony Fader) #2

@Daisy_Ramirez Can you pick a particular action and issue and describe it in more detail? Otherwise, I can only give generic possible solutions like: make sure you regenerate your column structure, make sure that your slices contain the appropriate columns.

(Daisy Ramirez) #3

Hi Tony, I’m using actions for menu navigation. In one scenario, there are 4 actions configured to direct the user to a particular form using LINKTOVIEW, then I have a 5th action configured for Grouped actions - this entire scenario is based on a table called launcher.

There’s a second similar menu scenario based on another table called filter_menu - neither one is functioning and neither table was the one I adjusted above.

(Daisy Ramirez) #4

…another note Tony, when I test the LINKTOVIEW formula - its returning “The expression is valid but its result type ‘App’ is not compatible with the expected type ‘Text’” - but this was functioning just fine about 30 minutes prior to the issue. Again the LINKTOVIEW data is not associated with the prior issue so they seem to be completely unrelated.

(Daisy Ramirez) #5

My LINKTOVIEW formula is : LINKTOVIEW(“Tasks_List”, “nameofapp”) — Tony it appears Cyril and Baptiste are having the same issue within the past 2 hrs??

(Tony Fader) #6

@Daisy_Ramirez Sorry about the LINKTOVIEW issue. We’ve put in a fix and it should be working now.

As for your original problem… Can I take a look at your app to reproduce the issue on my side? You’ll just need to tell me the app name and exactly what to click on and what you expect to happen.

(Daisy Ramirez) #7

Awesome, thanks for the fix :slight_smile: There is actually no “original” problem.

I thought my non functioning LINKTOVIEW’s were caused by some type of corruption but we’re all good here.

I’m testing the other views now and will send a separate note if there’s an issue.

Thanks again!