Need some help with Deployment please. What ...

(Craig Clancy) #1

Need some help with Deployment please.

What determines the authentication service for invited Users? When I send the App link, the app requires Google for authentication. I want users who have a domain with Office 365 to also use the app.

Any help, advice, point me in the right direction would be appreciated. The Deployment videos and guides haven’t answered my questions, or I haven’t found them yet.

Thanks in advance.

(Simon Robinson) #2

Security -> Authentication Provider

(Craig Clancy) #3

Thank you Simon. So simple. Appreciate the response.

(Craig Clancy) #4

Hi Simon,

If I send the link to users, how do I manage the actual user in my system to know how many ppl are using the App for billing purposes from Appsheet. If I send an invite through Usres->Users I get no response so I can’t see who has the App. Hope that makes sense. Many Tx

(Simon Robinson) #5

Users -> Users will show you who’ve accepted the link and tried to install.

Get usage via Manage -> Monitor -> Usage Stats