Need someone to create app for my needs

Hey guys,
i’ve found Appsheet very useful and with a lot of features. i’ve tried to create app by myself but no success … to complicated to me )))
I run Appliance Repair business and we’re using Google Calendar for scheduling calls. But Calendar has so many limitations.
Thers is app called Jobber which is fit my work .This app could be taken as example.
i need someone to help me to create app with some simple functionality. I know what i need but i cant create it with Appsheet.
So i could pay to somebody to create app for my needs.

Anybody can help?

Hi Eugene,

Welcome. You can contact one of the partners listed here

We are listed under Able3 Ventures, LLC and we have developed many apps for clients and if you would like our help, please email with your availability to discuss your app in the next few days.

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