Need Support in creating this App

Hi Guys,

I’m new to Appsheet. Looking for some support on building one app.
I have some certain locations where my team will be visiting everyday performing various activities.
Looking for this logic to be kept in the app, for recording the data.
a. App should be opened , when the guy is at the defined coordinates (within range of 10 -20 Mtrs).
b. After opening the app, it should ask for type of activity, each activity has its own data to be collected.
activity can be defined as Maint., audit, Check up, etc…
c. user can select any of the both to start performing his activity, here it needs to record Log in time automatically when selects activity performed and Log out should be recorded when submitted automatically.
d. Every user needs to see his cluster of locations allocated.
e. App should work in offline mode as well to capture data.
f. Assigned tickets for team, once attended and submitted data should disappear from their window

Thanks in advance, if somebody can guide me with support in building this app

@Aleksi @Steve

I could help you. Where would you like to start?

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Thanks @Grant_Stead

Lets start with , How can i bind Application with the Coordinates of the app user i.e User Coordinate should be picked automatically from mobile device. should be checked with my standard Coordinates

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The expression HERE() provides the current users LATLONG… So, you can make a field/column only editable if they’re are within a certain range of one another. Or, you can create an action that “checks them in” lots of options on the exact how…

This here has a sample app for field services. It may have a lot of what you’re looking to do.