Need to know if there the next time an hr is missing from the table

I have a table of every hr an employee is available to work. I have managers adding shifts. I want to display a list of employees that are available to work every hr of that shift. So if the shift is 7/21/2020 08:00-14:00 the employee needs a row for 08,09,10,11,12,13,14 probably also needs an 07 but I’m ignoring that to be faster with making. I don’t currently have an employee table just the list of available hrs for employees.

Can you explain the process that you see happening a little further? So for example, where are you wanting to see this list? Do you have a shift table, and in the form where they select a new shift do you want to have a column for employee for that shift and when they go to select an employee it only shows available employees? Or do you want to have a view that they can go to and input a shift option and then it filter to available employees because they are going to do something with this list?

Also, how does your available employee table get updated? Because as you add a shift to an employee you would need a way for the available times to be reduced for that employee so they don’t show up as still available.