Need to trigger an action on detail view with only quick edit fields

I have an action that clears the value of a column if another column is set to False. I run it on the Save event on several forms. This same data is editable to the user only in a detail view using Quick Edit.

How can I run the same action, to clear the values from a column, based on the other column being False when using quick edit?

A workflow? It’ll take a second to kick in, but it should do it.

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Probably trigger on updates on if that column = FALSE and if at least one (if not all) of the columns you need it to clear is not already blank.

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Got it. If I have the workflow, do I still need the on save action on the other forms since the workflow will run. No need for the action to run twice.

The action on save in the form would still be more immediate of a solution. If you set up the workflow to only clear if the columns are currently not blank, then the workflow won’t fire after the form because the form save action will clear it first. But, yes, you could let the workflow handle it all the time.

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It’s not a time sensitive issue. I just need to make sure if data was in the other field, when this column was true, then it needs to be removed.

Thanks for your quick help.