Needed help in creating a delivery order app for my managers

Hi I have created an app where my customers put in their orders.

Now my need is to use this order to create a loading order for my dispatch team to load trucks.

Each truck load consists of multiple orders from multiple customers.

How can I create a data set to achieve this , where I can add multiple orders to one info set and intimate my dispatch team on what needs to be loaded in the truck.

I would create a table for the Truck Loads maybe named “TruckLoads” (for lack of creativity) and create a Parent/Child relationship between the TruckLoads table and the Orders table. Add a new TruckLoads record for each truck and add the desired Orders to that TruckLoad record. This will pull in the Order and all of its details.

Here is a tidbit if you haven’t thought of it. When loading a truck, you want the Order that will be delivered LAST to be loaded on the truck FIRST. So, if you know the Stop sequence of each Order, you can apply that # to the orders and sort the load list in that sequence. Makes for more efficient loading!


thanks for this… but since i am amateur user…can u help me step by step on this process of creating a parent child relation…and also i did not get what trucksload record should be added for each truck…

Please handhold and guide me step by step if possible.

Hi @DPM_reports
Have you had a look at the Order Capture sample app?


Ok, so let me backup a bit. There are several ways to handle your request.

I was jumping ahead in data design and suggesting that you have a dedicated table mainly for the purpose of pairing a Truck with a List of Orders.

But your questions make me think that maybe my suggestion doesn’t mesh with your thinking AND honestly, not knowing much about your app design, I am making assumptions about certain things.

How are you currently imagining that users of the app will assign the list of Orders to a truck?

i am thinking like…the person selects order no for dispatch based on unloading pattern …and after selecting order no. the system automatically picks up item name and quantity

not yet…will look at it now…

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Good and Where in the app would “the person selects order no for dispatch based on unloading pattern”?