Nested Forms is a great feature. I have a que...

(Brian Russell) #1

Nested Forms is a great feature. I have a question regarding the Nested Form behavior. I have the need to repeat scan to a location. I was provided this information about how to set up a form view to repeat scan. Is it possible to set a nested form up like this so I don’t have to continually go back to the parent record and click New.



(Josen Chiu Chiang) #2

i have the exact problem. I have a “check order app” using Qr code. Everytime I scan the qr code, i’m in the need to tap the “save” button. Auto reopen is working, but autosave isnt , even tho all fields are filled in, some are filled in automatically using references, some have initial values.


As of now the ‘form finish behaviors’ like autosave, autoreopen and form saved action only apply to the top-level form. For this kind of continual scanning behavior it’s still necessary to save the parent record first.

(Brian Russell) #4

Thanks Adam - Is there any other way with AppSheet to accomplish this? Really like the platform but have a lot to scan and do not want to interact with the application after each scan. It would work fine if I did not need to associate and item to a location.


One option is to make the finish behavior of the parent form to navigate to its own details view. So you would add the parent record first, save without adding line items, it would then navigate directly to the detail view of the record just added with the option to add line items there, and the autosave/autoreopen would then apply to the line items.

(Brian Russell) #6

Adam I gave it a try and think I am close.

If you have a minute can you watch this video. The autosave/autoreopen is not working on the detail view. Thanks again for the help. - appsheet appsheet

(Brian Russell) #7

Figured it out. Thanks here is a video of the solution. If there is a better way I am open to suggestions.




Hi @Brian_Russell1, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, glad you figured it out. The second video won’t play for me but I could see the problem in the first. For anyone else with this problem, the form UX view was set to data source “Location” while the barcode scanning was over table “Items”, so the form settings would be applied to the Location form rather than the barcode form. The fix would be to change the form view data source to Items.