Nested Grouped Actions

I would like to be able to set a Grouped action as part of another Grouped action.

To add context, I have a “universal” input form for users to input what work they did, which upon saving executes the first Grouped action. Most of the sub-actions in the parent group have Behavior expressions so they only run in certain conditions. I would like to add another sub-action for another condition, but I want that sub-action to be another group that executes a large number of other actions. Yes, I could just put all of those new actions as sub-action to the original group, but that would be less resource-efficient (more behavior expressions to evaluate), and less organized.

Yes!!! Of course there is the matter of how many levels of nesting are allowed AND circular references.

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I have the same issue

There is a workaround for this. Create a new action, of type “Execute an action on a set of records”. Set that as the last action in the initial grouping. Point it to the 2nd Grouped action to run. Use LIST([_THISROW]) for the “Referenced Rows” field.