Nested If expression


I am doing an inspection form, I have an initial column, does this exist? hitting no hides the below columns and yes shows them.
If you select yes you must enter information for the below columns.

I have a result column at the end. I am trying to write, If the exist column is no then it does not matter what is in the following column but hitting yes should require the columns to abide by a criteria.

The result should display either a pass or fail

Here is what I have but It will clearly not work as selecting no in the exist column means it fails. I think I need a nested if statement to ask does it exist? if yes then do these pass? if they fail then fail, If it does not exist then pass. I am just unsure how to write this.

[Fire Suppresion System?] = Yes,
[Fire Suppresion Date] > Today() - 182,
[Fire Suppresion Pressure] = Good,
[Fire Suppresion Visual Condition] = Good),

Maybe something like:

		[Fire Suppresion Visual Condition] = Good), Pass,
		[Fire Suppresion Pressure] = Good, Pass,
		[Fire Suppresion Date] > Today() - 182, Pass,
		[Fire Suppresion System?] = Yes, Pass,
		TRUE, Fail

with the first conditions being the last to check steps. You might want to switch the position as suitable for your case to avoid IFS to return Pass too early.


Thanks @Heru,

I made some small modifications and it works perfectly.

Just a side question how does everyone who post here have their expressions display with indents?
Can I get my Expression assistant to display like this as its easier to read.

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I am using a text editor, and just just copy paste after typing 4 back-ticked (````) and close it with the same back-ticked.