Never mind!

EDITED: To late to withdraw so I am just deleting my original text!!

When I want to show the filed value, but do not want user to manually edit the value through the form or quick edit, I usually set the editif constrain to false. This still enable actions, workflow to change the value I remember.

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Based on your comment, I created a tester app to play more and I guess I was wrong in my original statement. I have recently seen issues where the automation cannot update and played around in the context of that app but now I am not certain of what was going on.

I am retracting my original statement!!!

Im with you, yes, i recently thought the same stuffs, as editif expression seemed not working as I expected. As i refreshed my mind after testing like you did, I solved my own issues.

The issue I was referring to was an error that stated the column was not editable in a workflow rule action. I was forced to implement a CONTEXT() function to bypass the error as I wanted the Workflow full control to change the value. I don’t believe I should have needed to do that.

I cannot seem to replicate it with a little tester app so I’ll have to play around more to isolate the issue and reassess.

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