New Action: Add a Row to a table

Hi @Michael

I haven’t tried it yet. But I’ve planned to do a test app either this week or next week. Email me over the email you use for your Appsheet account and if I can get it working I’ll share it with you


… Share with us on this thread??

Sure @Henry_Scott

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Is there a way to invoke this action but also go straight to an edit form of this new row of data? My scenario requires duplicating an existing row, but omitting an existing mandatory field and requiring the user to input a new value for that mandatory field. At the moment if I try to accomplish this with the new action, it’s trying to enforce the mandatory aspect of that field (So I can’t push a blank value of that column).

Instead of copy-and-edit, use LINKTOFORM() to create new with prepopulated column values.


Thanks Steve, wasn’t aware this would serve the purpose I was chasing. Just implemented then into my app, working a charm!

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Hi, for some reason the method 2 with enum list column doesn’t work in my app.

  • I have action in Table A where I’m triggering "execute an action on a set of rows” in Table B.

  • Action executed in Table B is the “Enum item” group action which includes the “Enum item1” to “Enum item5” actions that ultimately should create rows to Table C. Table B already has EnumListColumn that contains up to 5 items.

  • Each row in Table C should consist of [Key], [Column1] and INDEX([EnumListColumn],1…5), the same way your app creates as many rows as there are items in the enumlist column

I have the same criteria ISNOTBLANK(INDEX([EnumListColumn], i ) ) in “Only if this condition is true” for each “Enum item i” action. It creates the first row ok, but after that it just creates 4 empty rows with [Key] populated, no matter how many items is in enum, and also omits the static Column1 from the rows.

any idea why this happens?

Hi @Mikko_Palmu. Thank you for reaching out. There might be different reasons. Would you mind sharing the app to me as a Co Author? And also the Google Sheet.
You can also make a copy of the App and share the Copy. So I could look into it.

Hi @Fabian, I’ll make a copy of the app and try cleaning it a bit, translate the important table/column names to english and share it with you