New action: App update

There are sometimes where the change the users are making through an action is so important that we need to make sure it gets updated to the database, similar to how changing usersettings force update upon save.
Todays actions are really good:

I just would like to see a new action called:

App: force update this app

…or something like that.
This way we could have this after a Save Form or on a grouped action.
Obviously, we don’t need to point to any table to this action, but that’s part of the implementation process

Edit: Marked as solved because there is a workaround but I still think there should be a more user-friendly option
Edit2: This was a feature request but you know how the majority of them end up so I followed @Bellave_Jayaram’s advice and changed it to Tips & Tricks, eventhough the tip came from @Aleksi and @MultiTech_Visions

If you create a DeepLink formula to take you to a view, you can add a little bit of code to the end that ensures that the data on said view is updated as per a timestamp.




@Aleksi came up with this years ago, and it works wonders


Thanks! :wink:
i hope this will be more user-friendly in the future.
Maybe an action that’s system created and that we can call from any part of our app, similar to the Add, Edit, and others

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Hey! Using CONTEXT() I don’t need to hard code any view


I just need to clone/copy the action to every table I need it


That’s pretty sweet! @SkrOYC nice one!

Cool. This should be reassigned to Tips and Tricks.