New Action Button Icons required

Need more action buttons icons

Like numeric number from 0 to 10

And alphabets from A to Z


:zero::one::two::three::four::five::six::seven::eight::nine::keycap_ten: :zero: :one: :two: :three:

May I ask what would be the idea behind of these icons?

I have location identified as number

Want to set action button for those location

It will be easy to identify the action button for each location without even seeing its label.

Sometime, i want to create an action that change column values with date format,
likes plus 1 day, plus 3 days, plus 7 days.
So, when i choose multi-row in a desk view, click at the action that we want, then we can change multi-date values at once.
But, there are problems, we must remember action icon for each actions likes plus 1 day, plus 3 days, plus 7 days. if i can set 1,3,7 as icon action, it would be great.

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I too have often looked for icons with the numbers 1 through 9, or, less often, specific letters. I put my second to last vote into this, probably not the best choice though…

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I wanted this feature when I created an application that would pass parameters to the URLs of each service.

For example, if we want to pass the Japanese product code (ISBN) to Amazon, Google, Rakuten, etc. and create a link to the detail page of each service.

In that case, I think icons like A, G, and R would improve the UX.

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