New Action Name error

Hi Guys!

I am encountering a problem that ai need your help.

I am creating a new action, and when I enter any name and click save I get the following error:
"The data action ‘Save Button’ does not define a valid reference table ‘’.
No matter how many names I try always get the same error…

can someone help?

Please show a screenshot of the Action definition.

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That’s showing a different error than what you just said above…

So does the Table Agregado have a “Name” column?

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Hhhmmm I see what you mean…
this is my second action creation so please bare with me…
the Table Agregado has 34 columns divided by 5 pages…
What I am trying to do is to create a save button in order not to go all the way to the end to click save…

it is obvious that I am doing it wrong…

can you please point me on the right direction?

Actually I think you just discovered a bug that I’m going to report in just a second over in another thread, I know exactly how it happened.

The Save button on a Form view is not something that you can replicate in another way. As it stand now you will have to be on the last page of a multi-page form to access the Save button. You can try to turn on the “Tabs” option for your Form to make it easier to get to the last page, as shown below:

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Sad to know that there’s no other way and that action buttons have limitations as such…

thank you any way!

if any other idea occurs to you, please let me know

Just one other question, is there a way to replace “Page 1” at the top of the tab with a custom name?

You need a Page_Header Show column as the first column in the Form

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Yes. But when I select the option TABS Appsheet does not place the Description in each page…

So I wonder if there’s another way to name each tab…

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Each of those tabs correspond to a Page_Header Show column. The first one says “Page 1” probably because you’re lacking an initial Page_Header Show column.

There is no other way.

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I actually found out, it’s on Content under Category