New Action Position: Under Inline View

With the following being standard operation procedure:

What we really need is the ability to simply assign an action to the space under an inline view; to accomplish this, we need a new designation for that space that we can then choose from in the list of prominence options for an action.

We need a whole new category for us to use:

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“Display Under Reverse Reference” - too long, lol.

You get what I’m saying; there’s a space under the reverse reference inline view that holds the “Add” button:

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Make that an official space we can use to assign actions there - possibly opening up the ability to put multiple actions down there.
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As always, thanks for considering! partyparrot (Appsheet)

Along with the ability to actually hide the View button, please!


100% agree, mate!


Voted! And I thought my votes reset, but after that one vote I’m back to being out of votes again lol.

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Just realized how powerful being able to assign actions to under an inline view would be:

  • You could add different LinkToForm() actions to that position
    • allowing you to have the ability to create different types of records for that inline view - each with different pre-filled data from their respective LinkToForm() formula.
  • You could put other actions there, things that might affect or control the parent level of things (Compete Order, Cancel, etc.)

Hello 911? there’s a man stealing all my votes, he just took another one from me !

Cop Parrot

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I could do sooo much with this!

This request makes me wanna have a system where I can spend more than one vote.

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