New Action to toggle on/off quick edit mode for detail views

When we are working on detail view, the quick edit mode for the selected column is useful as user is no need to open up the form and take action to save. Upon editing column, it immediately synced to the cloud.

However, in the practical world, there is a risk that the user changes the value through the quick edit mode without knowing nor intended.
To enable/disable the quick mode on details view at users choice, I wish to have new action to toggle on/off edit mode on detail view.

I’ve always just built in ways for each column to tell when it should be okay to be quick editable - status columns, basing things off the role of a user (admin vs. user), etc.

I’m not sure how well something like this would mesh with the current system though. Would there be a way to use a formula to control this new toggle? The more I think about it, the more scenarios I come up with where I wouldn’t want something like this.

I can see what you’re saying about the accidents with quick edits, it’s possible yeah (I’ve done it myself), but I think the solution here is to make use of the Edit If formula for your quick edit columns.

Like in this image, I use an action to set a Status column - which controls the editability of columns: